Constitution law

  • “Could a Muslim – or a Catholic or a Jew – Be President? A 1788 Constitutional Debate” – Denise Spellberg
  • “Interpreting the Qur’an and the Constitution: Similarities in the use of text, tradition, and reason in Islamic and America jurisprudence” – Asifa Quraishi
  • “Islamic and American Constitutional Law: Borrowing Possibilities or a History of Borrowing?” – Azizah al-Hibri
  • Muhammad and Madison: A Comparison of the Qur’an and the U.S. Constitution” – Joshua White

George Washington

James Madison

John Adams

  • “Thoughts on Government” (and Muhammad) – John Adams


  • “What would America’s Founding Father’s say about Islam?” – Common Ground News

Thomas Jefferson


  • “People of the book: The true history of the Koran in America” – Ted Widmer

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